Razor Blade Wire Coils

Blade type razorbarbed wire is also called blade wire or cross razor wire. BTO and CBT typesare both available. CBT razor wire refers to single coils. BTO refers to crossed razor wire loops with clips. The razor type blade is arranged in coilsor circles to stop the people or animals. Electro galvanized steel razor wirecoils are popular fencing products. Hot dipped zinc plated razor wire costshigher compared with electro galvanized, but it will render in longer service timeand better corrosion resisting property used outdoor under severe environments.BTO 12, 10, 18, 22, 28, 30 and CBT 60, 65 are defined by blade size (bladethickness, width, length and distance) and core wire size differences. View the images, choose and order carefully.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Concertina Wire

Concertina coils with hot dipped zinc coating protection is one of the most popular razor wire types for security fencing uses. Single wire, crossed wire, looped, spiral wire, forming a frightening barrier or fence tops along metal steel mesh panels, railings, trellis. Suitable for borders, airports, power plant facilities, forbidden and controled sites.

Galvanized Razor Wire Mobile Barrier

Army security fence barriers. Popular in military uses in Middle-east area and war areas. Just place the razor wire coils on the target ground. No installation is required. Can be placed anywhere and moved easily to form a portable barrier, or mobilebarrier. The sharp razor frightens the intruders or enemies and stop them effectively. Suitable for sites of deserts or plain land with no coverings.

Flat Razor Wire Fence

The razor wire can be used in coils or flat panels. When it is applied for fencing uses, it is extended and straightened, welded together to form a flat panels. The razor mesh is a kind of galvanized weldedmesh fencing panel used independently as metal fences or for window protection.

PVC Coated & Galvanized Barbed Wire

Processed from steel sheets and iron wires. Plastic coating layer gives different colors to the galvanized iron barbed wire. It softens the appearance of the barbed tapes while remaining an effective fencing. As perimeter fence or fence toppings. Barbed wire is very simple to use and costs less compared with razorwire.

Razor Wall Spike Safety Fencing

Wall spikes, also called bird spike, anti-bird spike or pigeon spikes.
The razor spikes are designed for keeping away birds such as pigeons, crows, and gulls. They are ideal for preventing birds from landing on window sills, roof lines, ledges,fences, under eaves and other areas.
Popular size: Height of spikes:110mm, length of base: 50cm

Concertina Coils High Security Fence

Stainless steel concertina wire or hot dipped galvanized. Mounted along the metal fence to offer high security fencing and safety. Crossed razor wire loops form a cylinder inter-looped one by one. Compacted packing make it easy to carry and transport.

Anti-Climb Razor Wire Fencing

Anti-climbing fence is made with metal fence panels and razor wire toppings. The razor wire can also work as climb resisting fence by itself. Processed from hot dipped galvanized steel sheet into hot dipped steel strips and wires. Then cut thesteel strips to razor shape. Press the wires and strips together to form therazor wire mesh fence.

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