Razor wire flat wrap coils - Stainless Steel, Galv. , - for High security fencing tops

Razor wire flatwrap is a series of razor wire coils clipped into the panel forms for fencing and security purpose. Made into 500mm or 900mm high normally.

Razor wire flatwrap is installed against an existing smooth wire mesh fence and substantially improves the effectiveness of the fence. Installed on this basis, innocent persons are protected from injury by the smooth wire mesh. 500 mm high razor wire flatwrap fitted to our welded mesh fence provides a neat but effective barrier fencing.

Installation of razor wire flatwrap is particularly simple when it is fitted by overlapping the fence mesh. 900 mm razor wire flatwrap installed to a brick wall provides a high barrier.

The quality of raw materials for manufacturing razor wire flatwrap:
These options will help you determine how durable and reliable your fence will work. Galvanized barbed tape thickness should lie between 0.5 - 0.55 mm. Using of a thin coil does not initially affected the efficiency of the concertina wire, but in the long run will reduce the service life of the barricades several times. The wire must be galvanized, and if the wire is black iron without zinc coating, soon you will lose the barricade.

The finished concertina wire coils must be tight. The galvanizing surface of the razor wire flatwrap after compression should not be damaged during the process.

Flat Wrap Razorwire Loops, Mounted above mesh panels, for high security fencing

BTO 10 Flatwrap razor barbed wire coils galvanized for high security fencing tops
Flat razor barbed wire mesh for mesh fencing tops, blade type: BTO-10, hot dipped galvanized with a min. 60gram zinc coating

Razorwire Flatwrap, Stainless Steel 430 and Galvanized Steel, used with Barbed Wire

Razor barbed wire flat coils
Flat wrap razor barbed wire coils, used with stranded barbed wire, for chain link fence tops


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