Razor Strips, Mesh, Ribbons

Razor strip is a kind of fencing tops made of razor wire mesh in the form of ribbons or strips. It can be packed in the roll form and unroll for installation along the top of sites or fencing for security and strengthening purposes.

It is a strip of razor wire mesh cut to certain height coils, used for wall and fencing tops for anti-intrusion application. Also it is a combination of welded mesh and razor blade with highly effective anti-intrusion property.

Flat strips of razor wire are made by razor wire welded into a diamond mesh pattern to form a security fencing panels.

Razor mesh strip offers a neat and effective anti intrusion, anti climbing and anti theft fencing barrier for perimeters.
Razor strips are compact and easily installed.
Reinforced blade for razor wire used offering more strength and frightening effect.
The neat razor wire strips will not overhang into neighbouring property.

General specifications: The diamond opening welded razor strips have a neat appearance. Standard opening is 300 mm high X 150 mm across. The panel strip height is 450mm while the strip length is 15m. Custom sizes are also acceptable.

The quality of raw materials for manufacturing:
These options will help you determine how durable and reliable your fence will work. Galvanized razor strip thickness should lie between 0.5 - 0.55 mm. Using of a thin tape does not initially affected the efficiency of the razor wire, but in the long run will reduce the service life of the barricades several times. The wire must be galvanized, and if the wire is black iron without zinc coating, soon you will lose the strip.

The finished concertina wire coils must be tight. The galvanizing surface of the razor wire strip after compression should not be damaged during the process.

Razor Mesh Strip, Roll Size

Welded mesh strips of razor blade
Welded razor wire strips / ribbons

Razor Strip, Mesh and Blade Size

A strip of Razor Mesh cut to 450 mm High coils, used for wall and fence top for anti-intrusion applications

Razor Wire Mesh Strips Diamond Hole, Anti Climbing High Security Fencing Panels

The razor strip is used commonly along top of welded mesh fences to form a high security fencing system.

Galvanized razor wire fence mesh framed with tubular posts for residential securityDiamond opening razor strips for community fence

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