Tech Specifications and Standards for Trailers and Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Security Barricade

KDY is specialized in supplying military and security products composed with barbed wire or razor wire as basic materials. We supply variousmobile barrier with a variety of specifications for the police and army uses. This mobile barrier is composed with three parts: Barbed wire, the trailers, the wires and parts.

We supply Stainless Steel Mobile security barriers with INSTANT RIOT –PROOF BARRICADING CAR ( trailer) with the following requirements:

Specifications of the barbed wires:
1. The Trailer should be SD3 type.
2.  It should have 3 rolls of concertina razor barbed wire (paramedic) one on the top two on the bottom.
3. 75m length. Manual.
4. The barbed wires, metal and the blade should be made of stainless steel Anti-Rusted. Type (304) according to Nato reference 5660-99-371-1515.

Measurements and specifications of the trailer:
1.  Length: 8150 mm
2. Width:3100 mm
3. Height: 4000 mm
4. The trailer designed to carry 3 rolls of barbed wires placed longitudinally inside special pipes to carry the wires without overlapping each other.
5. The height between the Trailer vin and the ground is 30 cm.
6. The axes , doors and the sections are made of steel processed  against rust and aluminum .
7. The trailer Provided with a tool  to withdraw from the front , extra chains and another tool to withdraw stored in the tool box.
8. Load capacity 3 TONS.
9. Dimension of the vehicle 150 x 150 or 160 x 80 mm with 5.50 mm length.
10. 5 tires . 4 of them on the sides and one spare tire Wight 30 pound. Tire Wight 7 KG . measurement of tire 70/175, R13
11.Installing front tire to facilitates the installation and downloading of the trailer.
12. Brake lights, signals and electricity link  with car battery according to international traffic system.
13. Wires balancing: when its deploying, the wires will be on a balanced vin when the trailer is moving to reach a speed of 75 km and the speed of the wind is max 80, The wires should perfectly stable prior to ,during and after deployment.
14. The trailer is numbered with engraved litters for easy reading.
15. Supplying the trailer with three signals (blue) or (red).one in the front and two at the back supplied with energy from car battery.

Specifications of the wires:   
1. The dragging system (NATO STANDERDS) 76 MM with manual brakes to use in the stoppage. 
2. 5  clutches ferrous to put wires together .
3. Taking into account the ease of dropping down the wire from vehicle during the opening of the wires and collecting it .
4. The blade is special type according to NATO STANDERDS : # 5660-99-371-1515
5. The wires loop made of  stainless steel –clip dovetail type .
6. The weight of the empty trailer without wires is 1200 kg
7.  Width of the trailer with the wires 230cm ,width of the rolls when deploying 140 cm.
8. Height between barbed wires and ground when deploying 155cm .length 75 meter.
9. The Wight of the tools box and other additional equipment like clutches and flash lights is 20 KG.
10.  The total weight for the barbed wires and the additional equipment like tools box ,frame , clutches ,flash light 1300 kg.
11. 50 kg of the total load for safety.

Riot proof emergency blocking concertina razor barbed wire barricade with trailers
1.35m three-circle anti-terrorism and anti-riot emergency blocking network barriers

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