All the razor barbed wire and concertina fencing products are to be suitably packed for shipment by container.

Bundles to be securely strapped.
The product is to be suitably protected to retain its integrity during transit and storage in a tropical climate.

Razor Wires and Razor Barbed Wire Packaging:
Rolled and tied, strapped
Covered with Jute Sack.

Chain Link Fence, Weld Mesh Fence Packaging
Mesh Covered with Paper, then Jute Sack.

Outside of the packing bears Manufacturer’s illustrated technical literature and data sheets, shipping marks, for all items offered in English showing material, dimensions and all relevant information.

Razor Wire Packing:

Razor Wire Packing BTO 20 razor wire packingPacking example of BTO - 22 razor wire in 12 kgs; BTO - 18 / 9 kgs:
Clips Per Coil: 5 PCS, Spiral Turns: 56
Razor wire packed on Plastic or wooden fumigated pallets 50 coils each pallet

Razor Barbed Wire Rolls Packing:

Barbed wire packed in rolls, wrapped with jute cloth or papers Barbed wire in rolls and then bound with straps
Barbed Wire is supplied in coils.
5kgs/roll, pp film inside and hassian cloth outside or pp woven bag outside;
25kgs/roll, pp film inside and hassian cloth outside or pp woven bag outside;
50kgs/roll, pp film inside and hassian cloth outside or pp woven bag outside;
or according to your requirements.
Shall be supplied in tolls of 25Kg

Rolls of barbed wire and binding wire wrapped in waxed paper, then be packed on four way entry timber pallets suitable for export transportation. The rolls shall be properly strapped to the pallet to avoid damage to the rolls.

Barbed wire is also packed in forms of wooden axletree, Tron axletree, Wooded Handle, Tron Handle, then pallet packing.

Packing of Concertina Razor Wire Coils:

Concertina coils tied and wrapped in papers Concertina razor barbed wire in cardboard boxes

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