Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Coils for Security Fencing

Concertina Razor Coil
KDY can produce razor type barbed wire in concertina coils of different blade types and specifications. Special specifications for concertina coils or straight type razor wire are available on request.

Concertina coils are available in galvanized concertina coils or stainless steel. Types can be single coil or spiral types.

Varieties of Concertina Coils (Kontsertina)
Barbed Wire Tapes:
Twisted steel barbed wire tape is made of galvanized steel wire at diameter of 2.5 mm, and the wire tapes created by stamping and hot-dip galvanized steel plate at thickness of 0.55 mm. Barbed tapes of various sizes can be made according to the specific requirements.

Steel Razor Wire Ribbons:

Steel wire mesh tape is a thick ribbon galvanized, it has two-sided blades with symmetrical arrangement. The galvanized steel wire diameter is of 2.5 millimeters, reinforced to 5 mm in diameter. The most important feature of concertina wire is that its construction is able to maintain its structure.

Concertina Wire Coils, HDG, CBT-60, in Loops

Razor barbed wire concertina coils
Concertina razor barbed wire cage barrier

Concertina Coils, Stainless Steel

Razor wire concertina coils ss grade for airport security fenceConcertina wire coils, CBT 60, for protective mesh, airport fence

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