Install Barriers of Mobile Concertina Razor Wire Barriers, Crossed Razor Wire Coils, Single Coils


Installation of Concertina Barbed Wire Barrier

Where Concertina Wire Barriers Are Needed for Installation:

Concertina wire barriers are applied where unauthorized access needs to be prevented by unauthorized persons into the territory of protected sites. A spiral barrier (SBB) concertina can be installed in enterprises or borders, both as a main technical means of protection, and in conjunction with electronic means of detection.

Why Using Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Barriers for Protection:

The installation of barbed wire concertina is simple and effective, easily erecting a physical barrier;
Concertina wire barriers can be used for permanent fencing or mobile temporary fencing solution;
Compared with steel mesh security fencing, this concertina razor wire fencing costs less and constructed quickly, easily, removably.

Steps of Installation:

In a residential area practiced method of mounting the barricades on top of the fence, assembly takes place in three stages:

The stipulation concertina towers on the fence, and wire mounting spiral;
Laying in a spiral-formed bracket;
The wire spiral.

Recommendations for installation:
When you install a fence, on each pillar (pillar) to install bracket to welding or nails (the distance between the brackets should be 3-4 meters, the height of a fence over a 50 mm diameter of more barricades, the form and method of attachment to the fence bracket according arbitrary Construction of the fence.

Concertina wire stretched the operating position and enshrined in the arm steel wire diameter of 2 mm at two points. When installing the next round of the first cycle of extreme spiral connected with the extreme spiral second spiral steel wire diameter of 2 mm in two diametrically opposite field.

Concertina razor barbed wire barrier with bracket for mobile security fencing barrier
Double spiral hot-dip galvanized blade anti-theft barbed wire fence, installed with brackets.

Installation of Crossed Razor Wire Coils

Two pieces of Stainless Steel Razor Wires or Zinc-coated razor wires are bound together by clips to make it stronger. The spiral intersecting razor wire presents an intersecting shape after opening with beautiful feature and practicality.

Single Coil Razor Wire Installation

Single Coiling Razor Wire is installed without clips;
Single coil of razor wrie runs in natural loops on walls or fencings.
Fencing effects after installation: Single razor wire ribbon is less frightening compared with Crossed razor wire tapes, and the installation process is easier and simpler.

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