Concertina Barbed Tape CBT-65, Simplified as CBT-65

CBT-65 is a sharp blade concertina razor wires popularly used for military uses. CBT-65 concertina razor wire features a long razor blade and high security anti climbing barrier effect. This type of razor wire can have many spiral or loop numbers options according to fencing needs.

18"/ 24" x 50' Razor wire - CBT-65 "Style" Galvanized
18"/24" x 50' Razor wire - CBT-65 "Style" Stainless Steel
Outside Coil Diamter: 450mm, 1 roll x 50m

SS Security Razor Wire Edges - Concertina CBT-65 Razor Wire in SS 304
Brief Description:Concertina Wire 700mm OD and 41 Loops, or 56 loops, CBT-65 Single Coil Attached to Y Arm Post and Crimped Wire Mesh Panels

Concertina Wire for Boundary fencing purpose
Standard length: 8.5 meters per coil with 56 loops per coil, CBT-65
Razor barbed types: Cross type.
Outside diameter: 800mm.
Ring to ring distance: 15cm to 18cm.
Razor distance: 100+/-2mm
Stainless steel razor wire (SS304) blade thickness: 0.5+/-0.05mm, Core wire: 2.5+/-0.1mm, Blade length: 65+/-2mm
Blade width: 21mm,
Blade space: 100mm, 56 loops / coil.
Minimum weight: 17kg per coil.
Fastening clip (SS304) for joining of Coil.

Material/ certificate of conformity and standard warranty with supply.
Any deviation from stated sizes is clearly mentioned.

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